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The Festival

The Linda Luebke Strings Festival provides an extra opportunity for students to expand their musical knowledge. The festival brings students grades 5-12 from the greater Terre Haute area together and allows students the opportunity to develop their skills as a whole musician and to be a participating member of a chamber ensemble. The festival combines music theory, dance, and performance. Additionally, the festival provides a full day workshop for music educators. 


Dr. Linda Luebke served Indiana State University and the Terre Haute community from 2008 until her passing in 2013. As an assistant professor of music, she shared her lifelong passion for music education with hundreds of ISU students and Indiana music educators, and worked diligently to prepare aspiring young music teachers for the classroom. A skilled cellist, Dr. Luebke sought out the musical gifts in all around her. Her strong belief in the power of music and the arts to transform and improve lives inspired her work on behalf of many arts organizations, including a youth orchestra in Terre Haute. Dr. Luebke was a graduate of Marquette University, received her master's degree from Holy Names College in Early Music, and her PhD. from Gonzaga University. Prior to her career at ISU, Dr. Luebke taught elementary music for sixteen years, and received numerous awards and grants for her classroom work.